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At a Glance of Musa International

Name of the Company:
Name & style of M/S Musa International ltd was introduced with an emotional theme bring into harmony with the nature of business, the meaning of which is ‘Travel in the sky”.
Manpower Recruitment, Visa Processing, Travel agency, Air Tickets selling,
Years of Establishment:
13/04/1998.M/S Musa International ltd. started its journey in a very critical situation when the country was trying its hard to overcome the extreme poverty situation with a view to organize and ideal house human resources development.
Name of Proprietor:
Engr. Mohammad Musa Kalim
Nature of Business:
Manpower Recruitment; Visa Process; Air tickets selling; Tour operating Domestic and international. Human resource development (manpower placement), travel & tour operator and hajj agent. An ideal home international manpower recruiting agency in Bangladesh taking proper initiative to create opportunities of mass employment for working forces in the field of maintenance, agriculture, constructions, industrial medical and other relevant sectors in home and abroad, ensuring significant services for travelers around the globe with undertaking the responsibility of pilgrims.
License particulars:
Rl-857 issued on April 13, 1998 by the ministry of labor and manpower, govt. of Bangladesh. Justifying the pre-qualification of the company with proper inquiry’s and verifications the authority was pleased to issue the international recruiting agency license and (also) renews continues update yearly with best satisfaction till date.
Bank with:
HSBC(Hong Kong Sunghai)Bank, Islamic Bank, EBL(Eastern Bank Ltd) Bank, Uttara Bank.
House:107, Road:4, Block-B, Banani, Dhaka-1213. Bangladesh.
Ticket Reservation office:
M/S Musa International ltd... House:107, Road:4, Block-B, Banani, Dhaka-1213,Bangladesh.. In order to mobilize the workers and the travels, the company holding a travel agency attached with the same premises.
Bangladesh association of international recruiting agencies (BAIRA)
Association of travel agents of Bangladesh (ATTAB)
Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bangladesh.

Trade organization orassociation is the democratic right of businessperson, which help to create the opportunity and to maintain suitable code of conduct both by the government and by businessperson. With this facility can maintain, each and everybody exchange their views, share of experience, promotions of business, make the policy in order to strengthen as well as the country can able to achieves its goal with the joint collaboration. M/S Musa International ltd is not looking behind of it, but also playing a vital role in the field of trade organizati

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